Peak Weekender

Bespoke group packages available - contact for details

"It's a hill, get over it"

The Peak Weekender is a 2 day tour of the Peak District. We won’t scale every climb (that would need at least a month!) – but you will experience the best of what the Peak District has to offer. One day will be spent in the northern Dark Peak scaling climbs such as the legendary Winnats Pass, with the other day spent in the southern White Peak where I will show you the shorter, but sharper, climbs this area has to offer. Make no mistake – the White Peak is every bit as challenging as it’s better known brother – you just have to know where to look!
To make the most of the weekend you need to have experience of riding at least 100km (60 miles) in one day. This doesn’t have to be 100 hilly kilometres; if you have experience of spending a few hours in the saddle you will be fine. Nobody gets left behind – this is a group ride. A road bike with a bottom gear of 39/27 or 34/25 will be fine. Please make sure that tyres and brake blocks are in good condition. Advice on bike set-up will be available, along with a tool kit and basic spares - so don’t worry about having a ‘mechanical’
To ensure that you are fully prepared for the challenge, you will be well looked after over the weekend. Accommodation will be spacious and comfortable, breakfast and dinner will be freshly prepared to meet the needs of a hungry cyclist, and lunch stops will be pre-booked. There’ll even be a local pub available for recovery purposes if you have the energy!
During the entirety of both rides I will be your guide; not just in terms of setting the route, but forewarning you of tricky sections, when to take it easy and when to push on – and if you want to take on a Strava segment just wait for the rest of us at the top!
If you don’t already have a love for hills; you will after a ‘Peak Weekender’!

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