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“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” – John F Kennedy

Since 1983 I have had many wonderful days on the bike where a great route on great roads combines to form a perfect and memorable day, and this is even more special when it is shared with other like-minded people.
I created myHillCycling to get more people out on their bikes so that they too can create wonderful memories. It is something that everyone with a passion for the outdoors needs to experience!
The sportives I promote are a perfect introduction to the Peak District. I design routes that will take you along the lesser known roads so even if you have ridden for many years in the area, you will always discover something new. My sportives are not timed, so you can concentrate on having a great day and you can enjoy the route, the food and the company of the people that you are with.
If you do want to take your cycling to a competitive level, and you fancy a go at racing, myHillCycling has a membership programme called gatway2RACING which introduces new-comers to cycling time trials. Your membership provides 3rd party insurance and you will get the advice and guidance you need to 'have a go' and dip your toe into the world of cycle racing. Initially this will be focused on the many local hill climbing events which are held on closed roads - so you don't have to worry about other traffic. But once you are confident, and want to do more, there are plenty of other events for you to enter.

Covid-19 has, of course, caused the cancellation of many events this year. But undeterred we have a lot planned for 2021, so keep an eye out for news by liking my Facebook page.

In the meantime I wish you all happy cycling - but at a safe distance!

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