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I created myHillCycling to get more people out on their bikes so that they too can create wonderful memories. It is something that everyone with a passion for the outdoors needs to experience.

The sportives I promote are a perfect introduction to the Peak District. I design routes that will take you along the lesser known roads so even if you have ridden for many years in the area, you will always discover something new.


My sportives are not timed, so you can concentrate on having a great day and you can enjoy the route, the food and the company of the people that you are with.

Being introduced to road cycling by people with vast experience ensured that I soon learnt how to maximise my enjoyment and performance, and it is my experience that I now offer to you through my events and Peak Rides.


Peak Rides are designed to get you ready for the summer etapes, those trips you have planned to the famous mountain passes in Europe, or maybe just the springboard you need for achieving your goals. No matter what your reasons you are guaranteed rides in some of the best roads in the UK in the company of likeminded individuals.

If you do want to take your cycling to a competitive level, and you fancy a go at racing, myHillCycling has a membership programme called gatway2RACING which introduces new-comers to cycling time trials. Find out more here.

I wish you all happy cycling - and hopefully see you out on the road!

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