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Mallorca Day 4 - 4th November

Today WAS Sa Colabra day!

With a last minute decision to extend the bike hire one more day, and with flights booked later in the day, I set out to do a quick(ish!) smash and grab of Sa Colabra. It was a straight forward plan:

And that's pretty much what happened, apart from:

  • Sa Colabra took me 34:39.

  • For 'apple pie' read 'cheesecake'.

It was a brutal ride up the Femenia in the teeth of a really strong wind, so by the time I got to Sa Colabra I was already running very low on energy and remember, this was day 4 of a planned 3 days cycling, but did this spoil the experience?

Not at all! Sa Colabra is amazing/bonkers/mad/ridiculous and I have no words to adequately describe the climb, but I do try in the videos below.

If you know - you know. If you don't - you need to get out there and do it!

So.....Mallorca 2023: DONE! (already looking forward to the next trip!)


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